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My name is Karolina Talbonen – I am a jewelry designer and silversmith living in Finland. With the help and support of my best friend and husband Konstantin I create jewelry that is inspired by the unique nature of the North.

Each piece of jewelry is a story about foggy cool mornings, silent white nights, sun-warmed wild herbs, flowers, covered with hoar frost.
I enjoy blending various materials. Besides silver I use gold, brass, copper, stones, wood, mother of pearl. It allows me to add some color and expression to our jewelry and turn cold metal alive.

our story

Almost my whole life I`ve been living near the forest. I was born in Russian Karelia – the beautiful land of dense forests and thousands of lakes. My mom is a biologist, so the passion in nature, especially in the northern plants -
is in my blood.


I and my husband moved to Finland, and I started to study metal, stone, and woodworking at the technical school. Here I´ve had a good opportunity to try silversmithing. I made my first silver ring and at once fall in love with this amazing material.


We have created our brand, named Sammal workshop.
We´ve been studying techniques of silversmithing by ourselves using trial and error methods. And about inspiration – it grows under our feet on the forest paths.


I took the first place in the challenge amongst Finish students with my Karelian summer jewelry collection and became an Artisan of the year in Finland. That was a great honor for me.


We´ve started a new project, named Inkeri koru.


means Ingria

Historical area on the northwest of Russia. It is a homeland of my ancestors. I am proud of my roots, so this name has a sacral meaning for me.

Design philosophy

Botany is the main theme in our design. I love to discover the delicate beauty of the northern flowers: dusty tansy, pale cassandra flowers, rose heather, wood sorrel, and twinflower...

At first sight, all these plants may seem inconspicuous but they are absolutely lovely. I'd feel genuinely happy if every person could notice the beauty of the simple things, surround us.
In our work we use a wide range of techniques: engraving, texturing, sawing, soldering, forming, etc.
For certain of designs we also use wax casting. Making of copies helps us to maintain affordable prices and make our jewelry accessible to everyone.
However, exclusive handcrafted jewelry will always remain our priority. Each piece of hand-fabricated jewelry is as unique as a wild plant.

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In the gallery you'll find almost all our projects since 2015. Most of them were made in a single copy. All these pieces of jewelry have been already sold. Products in stock are available in our shop.

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